Put yourself out there.

So much of what happens at Justice revolves around life in the field—from our sales associates, who are the face of our brand every single day, to those who serve as important connections between our stores and our home office. No matter what the specific position, these people are able to listen effectively, adapt quickly, and think on their feet. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

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Store Associates

Our sales associates/style advisors play a monumental role at Justice. They’re the living embodiment of our brand and are the people who interact with our customers on a daily basis. What’s more, they play a valuable part in helping our tween girl find what’s going to make her feel comfortable, allow her to express her individuality, and boost her self-esteem. It’s common for our tween girl to look up to our sales associates, whom they’ve come to know, and share what’s going on in her life.

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Field Leadership

Members of our field leadership team are important liaisons between our home office and stores. They spend much of their time ensuring that, once our season’s strategy is launched, it’s executed flawlessly. They visit stores, check to see if operational procedures are in place, and find out if stores are making their numbers—and if not, why. Just as important, they share with the home office what they’ve learned in the field.

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Store Operations

Our store operations group works out of the home office and serves both our internal and external customer.

This team manages both daily and long-term projects. Some of the work they’re responsible for includes store communications, incentives and events, store openings, closings and remodels, workforce management, process engineering, customer and field relations, and procurement.

Their main goal is to empower our store leaders to run great stores so our mom and her girl enjoy an incredible shopping experience.


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Asset and Profit Protection

Our asset and profit protection team supports our core company values by protecting our people, product, and profits in both the field and home office.

They also focus on reducing shrink, ensuring associate safety, and protecting company assets through keen awareness and training in our stores, as well as at the home office.

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